Baby amenities such as strollers and cribs are available to facilitate traveling with infants and toddlers, and the concierge can arrange for babysitting. Our location in Midtown Manhattan gives you easy access to a range of family-friendly options for dining, entertainment and sight-seeing. The concierge can assist you with suggestions and reservations. Should you need anything else to make traveling with your family easier and more enjoyable, please let us know. A complete selection of family amenities is available to you at every stage of your stay.

  1. Adjoining Rooms
  2. Proximity to Childrens’ Attractions – Amercian Girl, M&M Shop, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Serendipity, Central Park Zoo
  3. Concierge Expertise for Child-Appropriate Shows, Exhibits and Educational Attractions
  4. Child- and Toddler-Friendly Restaurant Listings
  5. Childrens’ Television Stations – Nickelodeon, Disney, Animal Planet, National Geographic, The Learning Channel and more
  6. Baby Amenities – Strollers, Cribs, High Chairs, Car Seats
  7. Babysitting Service – Arranged through concierge.