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Seasonal fruit tarts can brighten up any day
Macarons make the perfect pick-me-up
Assortment of danishes to start the day
Savory sandwiches to satisfy lunch cravings

Pomme Palais

A Pedigreed New York City Bakery

Located on the ground floor, just off of Lotte New York Palace's grand lobby, Pomme Palais provides a new take on the classic New York City bakery. There is a convenient 51st Street exterior entrance to Pomme Palais for visitors and New Yorkers alike to enjoy this warm and inviting venue exclusively at Lotte New York Palace. The exquisite packaging was designed for on-the-go customers, but the bright and vibrant atmosphere offers seating options, encouraging guests to stay and enjoy their time.

As always, guests and non-guests are encouraged to savor macaroons, warm house-made croissants, mouthwatering éclairs and seasonal miniature fruit tarts while sipping on their favorite espresso or coffee beverage before taking on the day's activities. 

We welcome you to experience our on-the-go breakfast options, lunch, light entrees and whimsical treats that will entice you to share them on every occasion.